Renting Your Vacation Home

There are many reasons that Lake Tahoe homeowners will decide to rent out their vacation property. Many people purchase a second home for retirement and won’t need full time access for several years. Others need to offset the cost of owning a second home and rent their property to recoup their expenses. There are tax considerations when purchasing a property that you will be renting part time, so it is important to consult with your tax advisor prior to making a purchase. Utilizing the services of a property manager and rental company gives you more exposure to prospective renters and also ensures that your property is cared for when you are not using it. A property manager will guide you in stocking your rental so that it is attractive to rental customers and receives good reviews. You will need to provide a complete set of linens for every bedroom and bath, along with a well stocked kitchen. When decorating your vacation property, you will need to consider its appeal and not use second hand furniture. A property manager will also arrange for cleaning, shoveling and ensure the heat is on for arriving guests. They will inspect the premises and hold a security deposit to remedy any damage. We can help with winterization and ensure that the thermostat is kept at a level that keeps pipes from freezing, while not allowing it to be left at high settings after renters leave your unit. Prospective renters book rentals directly from our website and we handle all payments. We make the process of renting your vacation home seamless and hassle free. The best part is that your second home will be clean and available for your use when you return. We are a full service real estate company specializing in both real estate sales and rentals and many of our home buyers also use West Lake Properties to rent out their homes. Additionally, many of our property management customers eventually want to sell their property. We love both aspects of the business and have agents who specialize in both. Whether you are thinking of buying, selling or renting your home at Lake Tahoe, we can help you! Contact one of our agents today!