Buying a home in Truckee appeals to those who want close proximity to shopping and excellent restaurants while still enjoying the charm of Lake Tahoe. Truckee offers many old Victorian homes and Truckee River front homes, but it is perhaps the charm of the downtown area that attracts so many second home owners to this area. There are many neighborhoods that are located in the Truckee area, but a real Truckee home comes with the character of old times past. Brickelltown is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Truckee and named after lumberman E.J. Brickell. The neighborhood is located west of the downtown commercial block at the base of a steep hill which, in the early years, was dotted with many fresh-water springs. Opposite the hill, the railroad tracks run the length of the neighborhood, and even today trains pass not more than 150 feet in front of it.  Many are now zoned commercial, but there are still wild treasures along the river and tucked between the shops or on the other side of the tracks. Since some double as commercial properties with high traffic, prices can be well over $1 million.

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